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April, in the 2021 selection of Global Industrial Design Top Award Red Dot Design Award , Sooibe  A1 series Balance Bike with a“Simple, stylish, more than the beautiful”design style, among many competitors to stand out in the Grand Award.


This is following the 2019 sooibe001 series children's Balance Bike won the German red dot design award, 2021 A1 series children's Balance Bike in again won this award, this award is not only a full affirmation of sooibe products, but also shows the sooibe world-class innovative design level.

International recognition,  win the crown

The Red Dot Award, known as the "Oscar" in the design world, has a history of more than 60 years and is recognized as a recognized symbol of international creativity and design.

Winning the Red Dot Award means that the appearance and texture of sooibe products have received the most authoritative "quality assurance".


Use top technology to create products that children love and mothers can rest assured

Over the years, the sooibe design team and R&D team have treated each Balance Bike with ingenuity. From conception to birth, it has undergone countless scrutiny, modification, tempering and perfection.

During this period, sooibe continued to carry out technological innovation, mastered the core technology in the field of children's Balance Bike, and owned more than 40 national patents.

The affirmation of each patent bears sooibe's tireless pursuit of product quality, and also demonstrates sooibe's outstanding brand strength.


Cycling, athletics, and racing are all wonderful

It is understood that in order for children to enjoy cycling, athletics, and racing to the fullest, sooibe keeps improving than balance bikes and has made new breakthroughs in frame technology. The frame adopts new one-piece molding technology, and its load-bearing capacity reaches an astonishing 75 kg, which can adapt to more difficult movements and environments.


In addition, the sooibe balance bike has a unique retractable pedaling position, which can adapt to more diverse riding needs, and make children play longer and more comfortable.


In the future, Sooibe will continue to cultivate children's health and leisure sports related products, focusing on the fields of children's balance bike and growth bike, and is committed to cultivating children to be independent, strong, brave and independent through three-dimensional system of events, training, parent-child club.

Sooibe  will take a firmer step in the brand vision of "Children like,Mom assured", so that every child will be healthier and happier on the road of growth.



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